Al-Bataieh celebrates the fastest climb to Pros

Al-Bataieh booked the second qualification card for the “ADNOC Professional League”, after securing the runner-up to the 2021-2022 First Division, by defeating its host Al-Taawoun 1-0 in the penultimate “round 29”, raising his score to 64 points in second place, taking advantage of the loss of his opponent. Al Arabi “third” against Dibba “leader” 1-2 in the same round.
Pedro Henrigo scored Al-Bataieh’s only goal against his host Al-Taawon, in the 35th minute, to bring his team to its 20th victory in the league, and guarantee the runner-up seat, before a round at the end of the league, after the balance of Al-Arabi, the “third-placed” player, froze at the 60-point barrier, losing against Dibba The “leader and champion of the league” scored 1-2, Diego Silva scored in the 41st minute, and Amer Omar in the 56th minute doubled the “Nawakhda” double, who in turn raised his score to 72 points.

Al-Bataeh needed about one contract “10 years” since its founding in April 2012, and the opening of the club’s facilities on May 23, 2013, leading to the qualification of the current team to the coincidence of the “ADNOC Professional League” in the upcoming season 2022-2023, after it “officially” won the standings. First Division League for the 2021-2022 season.
Al-Bataeh booked the second qualification ticket to the “Adult League”, along with Dibba “the leader” and the league champion, waiting for his fans to participate in the ascension celebration, in the last round match against his guest Al Hamriya next Saturday.
Al-Bataeh is expected to be the “fourth side” of the “Basma Emirate” in the “Professional League”, during the next season, along with the Sharjah clubs, Ittihad Kalba, and Khor Fakkan, after the team imposed its preference over the first league teams in the current season, which witnessed the participation of 15 teams.

Ayoub Omar: Wait for Al-Bataeh, a difficult number in the “professionals”

Goalkeeper Ayoub Omar said that his journey with his team Al-Bataeh was the most difficult in his football career, despite his many experiences in the professional league and the division, indicating that the competitions were difficult due to the many challenges faced by the team, and the fact that five teams continued to fight over the boarding card from amateurs to professionals until the last two rounds. From the league, the competition intensified.

After Al-Bataeh celebrated the rise to the limelight, Ayoub Omar said: Wait for the Al-Bataeh team, a difficult number in the professionals. He continued in an interview with “Emirates Al-Youm”: We are very confident that we will be the surprise of the league next season, after Al-Bataeh broke important numbers in the first division. He added: This is the third climb for me, as it was the first with Baniyas and Khorfakkan.

Regarding the most difficult match he played in the last amateur season, he confirmed that it was against Dibba Al-Hisn in the second leg, because only the result of the victory would have given the team the opportunity to continue the journey towards ascension. He added, “We hope that the efficient Tunisian coach, Tariq Al-Hadiri, will continue with the team to lead us to the best results,” stressing that Al-Bataeh rose thanks to the high sportsmanship, discipline and efforts made by the club’s family from all sides. He joked: The white hair grew in my beard because of the pressures and sacrifices because every match was like a final.

He concluded that the Cameroonian team player, Anatole, is the best player in the league, although he joined in the winter transfers, explaining: He was not lucky to be with us from the beginning of the league, and if he fought the season from the beginning, he would snatch the title of top scorer in the tournament, and it is enough that he scored 14 goals in 15 games with the team and the majority of His goals were decisive.

Al-Bataeh camped in Serbia and played 6 friendly matches

Al-Bataeh Club approved the establishment of an external camp in preparation for the next season of the first division, in Serbia next month, during which it will play six friendly matches. The team coach, Tunisian Tariq Al-Hadiri, told «Emirates Today»: We are looking forward to playing six friendly matches in the external camp with the teams that are also preparing in Serbia, in addition to another friendly match that the team will play before traveling, and it will be held on the fifth of next month with one of the local teams. .

He continued: We have good players, and we will deal with their potential, which contributes to building a team that is physically, mentally and tactically ready, plays a beautiful and strong ball, based on strength and tactical discipline, and the desire to obtain the largest number of points, which contributes to being in the lead. Next season will be the third season for the club in the First Division, as it finished the past two seasons in third place in the overall standings.

Caio: Our weapon in front of Al-Ahli youth focus

Brazilian Caio Zanardi, coach of Al Bataieh team, said during the introductory press conference for the Shabab Al Ahli match: We have an important match against Shabab Al Ahli, and we worked during the previous training to address the errors of the Ajman match so that they would not be repeated in the upcoming match.

He added, “We will play with high concentration during the next match so that we do not make new mistakes as happened in the previous match, and in order to achieve what we want and get a positive result. We will strive to make the match easy for us, even though it is difficult and against a big and well-known team.”

He continued, “We will work to impose our style and play the strategy that we used to appear in the previous matches.

He added: Shabab Al Ahli is known for its stable squad that does not change much, and its elements are well known to us and we know their capabilities well. It is a very special team that plays beautiful football. He also said: The match will be difficult for both parties, and we will play with confidence and will work to impose our method and tactics in order to obtain a positive result.

Obaid Saeed Al Tunaiji: Flag Day is a dear national occasion

His Excellency Obaid Saeed Al Tunaiji, President of the Football Company at Al Bataieh Club, said that the UAE Flag Day constitutes a national occasion dear to the hearts of all the sons and daughters of this dear country, as all the meanings of union, cohesion and renewal of loyalty to our wise leadership are manifested in the continuous work to serve and raise science and to remain a lofty success. In all forums and at all levels. He added, “On this day, we celebrate our honorable history and present, and we look forward with hope and pride to our bright future, through which we will continue to work on the path of construction and development so that the UAE will always remain at the forefront, and provide the best examples of human and civilized sophistication and economic excellence.” “On this occasion, we extend our sincere congratulations and wishes to the leadership and people of the UAE, that our country will remain at the forefront of developed countries around the world,” he said.

Al-Bataeh finishes preparations for Shabab Al Ahli

The first football team of Al-Bataieh Club has completed its technical and physical preparations in preparation for its match against Shabab Al Ahli scheduled for Friday, November 4, 2022, for the ninth round of the ADNOC Professional League. The team seeks to get out with a positive result and return to the path of victories after stumbling against Sharjah and Ajman. Al-Bataieh has 9 points and is ranked tenth in the championship standings.