The pre match press conference for the match between AlBataeh and Emirates

Croatian coach Goran Tomic said that his team will finally play Emirates match after a number of postponements for various reasons , and added during the introductory press conference: Finally, we will play this match against Emirates after many postponements, and our main goal is to get out of this match with full points, knowing that it will not be an easy match because Emirates is also looking for points.

He continued his speech during the press conference, saying: I believe in the capabilities of my team and all the players and the great focus with which they will play the match, in order to achieve a result that makes everyone happy, revealing at the same time that there are no absences in the list that plays the match, stressing that he will not choose the starting lineup before the last training.

He continued: “We will play two matches against Emirates in three days, and these conditions are not easy, but whether the atmosphere or the lack of time between the two games is imposed on the two teams together, not just us, and we will try to achieve our goal of getting the full points.”

For his part, Cameroonian striker Anatole Abang confirmed that they prepared themselves in a good way for the Emirates match, revealing that all players are ready to play it with great enthusiasm, indicating that they will go to the Emirates Stadium with confidence in their ability to return with a positive result.

The player continued during the introductory press conference: “Our main goal is to win in order to reach the largest number of points before the end of the season and we are all excited and desire to achieve this, but I will not promise to score in the match, but I promise you diligence and work to help my team to win.”

At the end of his speech, Anatole said: “I am somewhat satisfied with what I have done during the current season, but I am not satisfied with my scoring tally, and this is not what I aspired to in terms of the number of goals, but in general I am happy with my return with the team during the current season.”


A draw with the taste of victory for Albataeh against Hatta

AlBataeh was satisfied with one point out of his match against Hatta, which took place at Khalid bin Mohammed Stadium in Sharjah on Monday, for the 24th round of the ADNOC Pro League, where the match ended 1-1, and the goal of AlBataeh was scored by team captain Mohammed Ahmed, one minute before the end of the match, to raise the team’s score to 28 points in ninth place.

AlBataeh dominated the match from the first minutes in order to score an early goal, for fear of any surprises from the guests, but the full defensive way in which Hatta played deprived him of reaching the goal, as the spaces were closed in front of Anatol and Ahmed Khalil, with a tight defensive block.

The guests surprised AlBataeh with a goal in the 23rd minute, due to a defensive error, making the ball tumble into the net of goalkeeper Darwish Mohammed, and the companions of Ahmed Khalil tried to equalize before the end of the first half and led many attacks on the Hatta goal that lacked the final touch, to end the first half with the progress of the guests.

The technical level rose in the second half, and the two teams exchanged attacks, with a clear advantage for AlBataeh, who launched a violent attack on the Hatta goal in order to modify the result, so that captain Mohammad Ahmed took care of this task and scored the rescue goal with a header from a corner by the captain inside the net one minute before the end of the match.


In the ADNOC Pro League An exciting draw for the Bataeh against BaniYas

AlBataeh drew against Bani Yas, 3-3, during the match that took place between them at AlShamkha Stadium, for the 23rd round of the ADNOC Pro League, to raise Al-Bataeh’s score to 27 points in ninth place.

AlBataeh excelled in the first half and succeeded in scoring two goals through Cameroonian Anatoly, who opened the goals from a quick counter-attack, and Brazilian Paulinho from a penalty kick awarded by the referee after obstruction from Suhail AlNoobi to Malian Sekou Baba.

Bani Yas rose up in the second half, taking advantage of the decline in the level of AlBataeh, which seemed lax on his players, as Taulant Severi was able to reduce the difference after turning Suarez’s corner with his head in the Al-Bataeh goal.

Youssef Nyakati equalized for the hosts after taking advantage of a defensive error to single out the goal and shoot to the right of the goalkeeper.

Injury time witnessed great excitement when Nyakati succeeded in snatching the third goal for BaniYas in the 93rd minute, and at a time when everyone thought that “AlSamawi” was on his way to snatch the match points, the substitute Mohammed Rashid returned AlBataeh in the result and scored the third equalizer in the 95th minute.


The pre match press conference for the match between AlBataeh and BaniYas

Croatian Goran Tomic, coach of the first football team at Al Bataeh Club, described their match against Bani Yas as difficult, and said that they are meeting a stubborn team, a few days after their last match against Ajman, promising to do their best and give everything they have in order to achieve a positive result.

Goran continued his speech during the introductory press conference, saying: Bani Yas is a stubborn team and the match in front of it will not be easy and we watched their last match against Sharjah and what they presented and I think that the confrontation will be very difficult, and Goran said that they created many chances during the previous matches but could not translate them into goals, stressing his confidence at the same time in the players and their ability to score during the upcoming matches.

For his part, Ahmed AlZeyoudi, left back of AlBataeh, said that their rival in the next match is strong and fierce and presented good levels during the last period, stressing at the same time diligence and perseverance in order to return with three points, and added during the introductory press conference: We seek to compensate in the next match after losing to Al Wasl Ajman in order to improve our ranking in the championship table.


the press conference for the match between AlBataeh and Ajman

Goran Tomic, coach of the first football team at Al Bataeh Club, revealed that they have poured most of their focus on preparing for the Ajman match in the 23rd round of the ADNOC Pro League, stressing at the same time the short period of preparations due to the pressing programming of the championship matches, expecting that the pressure of the matches will continue until the end of the current season, explaining at the same time the team’s readiness despite these circumstances.

Tomic confirmed his knowledge of every big and small in the Ajman team tactically, after he analyzed his rival and stood on their strengths and weaknesses, promising to equip the team in the best possible way in order to get the full three points.

AlBataeh coach described the return of the average defensive line Denny Borges as one of the most important players in the team, praising at the same time the rest of the players in the team and said that they do what is required of them whenever the team needs their services.

For his part, the average of the field of Bataeh Hamad AlBalooshi described the Ajman match as a task for them, promising to do their best in order to achieve the required result and get the full points, and praised Al Balushi for the Ajman team and described it as distinguished, stressing that its faltering start in the current season was something fleeting and the team was able to return recently to its real level.

Hamad Al Balooshi considered that the loss they suffered against Al Wasl team will be the biggest motivation for them to compensate against Ajman in order to return to the path of victories, considering the return of defender Denny Borges a good thing to complete the team collective strength in the Ajman match.


AlBataeh loses to Al Wasl by four

AlBataeh suffered a big loss against its guest Al Wasl, amounting to four goals to one, during the match that brought them together, Monday, at Khalid bin Mohammed Stadium in Sharjah, for the 22nd round of the ADNOC Pro League, and with this result, AlBataeh’s balance froze at 26 points, in eighth place.

Al Wasl scored its first goal, after Jimenez played a cross, Caio Canedo met it with his head in the goal (13), and Ali Saleh added the second goal from a follow-up to a rebound inside the penalty area (20), before Fabio Lima strengthened the result by scoring the third goal from a wonderful heel pass played by Caio 34”.

AlBataeh reduced the difference with Mohammed Rashid scoring the first goal 41”, and in the second half Jimenez scored the fourth goal with a powerful shot 71”.

It seems that AlBataeh was affected by the shortage, as the team missed the services of defender Denny Borges due to the accumulation of cards, while Alfaro was absent due to his expulsion with a red card in the Sharjah match, and Croatian Goran pushed Abdullah Al-Rifai in defense while Sekou Baba played from the beginning this time.

Croatian Goran Tomic congratulated Al Bataeh coach on the victory, and said during the evaluation press conference after the match:

I knew that the match would not be easy for us, and we trained on set-pieces as one of the strengths of Al Wasl, but from the first two corners we conceded two goals, after that the game escaped from our hands and the return became difficult for us, and we could have reduced the difference after scoring a goal, but Al Wasl was able to double the score and decide the match in his favor.