Pre match press conference for the match between Al Bataeh and Ajman

Croatian Goran Tomic, coach of the first football team at Al Bataeh Club, admitted the difficulty of his next match against Ajman team, and said during the Pre match press conference for the match that his team will face a stubborn opponent, and added:

We analyzed the Ajman team accurately, and it became clear to us that they are a team whose players are highly skilled in all lines, but they did not start the season in a good way, and now their shape differed and developed quickly and their results improved in the recent period.

Tomic stressed that his team is living a great period at the moment, especially after the last two victories against Kalba and Al Jazira, and said that they aspire to continue on the right path and achieve positive results.

Goran hoped that his players would maintain this positive spirit and deal with a winning mentality during the upcoming matches so that they can reach a good position commensurate with the great effort exerted in the team.

For his part, AbdulAziz Hikal agreed with his coach Goran about the difficulty of the match against Ajman, and confirmed during the Pre match press conference that Ajman is an organized team that did not succeed in some matches.

Hikal promised to enter the match in order to achieve a positive result in order to continue their recent winning streak, and stressed that they do not stop at this point and aim to reach as far as possible in the tournament, revealing that their team does not lack anything in the presence of a good coach and players with great technical capabilities.


AlBataeh defeats Khorfakkan with a triple

AlBataeh deepened the wounds of Khorfakkan and achieved victory over it in the house 3-0, in the opening confrontations of week 18 of the ADNOC Pro League, and scored the trio of AlBataeh each of Cameroonian Anatole Bertrand and Brazilian Paulo Henrique “penalty” and SekouBaba in the 10th and 38th minutes, 90+2 to approach AlBataeh to secure its survival in the ADNOC Pro League for the third consecutive season after reaching 25 points, advancing to sixth place to equal AlNasr

AlBataeh did not wait for more than 10 minutes for Cameroonian striker Anatole Bertrand to succeed in cutting the tape of goals, taking advantage of the cross of his colleague Mohammed Rashid behind the defenders to advance Anatol and score the first goal for the guest team, and Brazilian Antonio Juninho almost realized the draw quickly from the rocket shot that slightly overran the goal of AlBataeh goalkeeper Darwish Habib.

AlBataeh pressed hard to score a second goal before switching to the break with Khorfakkan’s reliance on rebounds that were not without danger, and by the 37th minute, Khorfakkan defender Masoud Suleiman was located in the prohibited and committed a violation inside the penalty area against the player Anatole, the referee of the meeting did not hesitate to calculate a penalty kick with a video technology review to ensure that the Al-Khor defender deserves a red card or not, but the referees of Al-Far adopted the penalty without adopting a red card to advance Paulo Henrique For the penalty kick, scoring the second goal of Al-Bataeh in the 38th minute, and before the end of the first half, Khorfakkan striker Lawrence launched a strong ball that found only the crossbar of AlBataeh, which repelled the ball, to end the first half with the guests advancing with two goals without a response.

n the second half, AlBataeh added the third goal in stoppage time through substitute Sekou Baba, who succeeded in scoring his team’s third goal from a wonderful individual effort to end the match with a 3-0 victory.


AlBataeh achieves the most wanted three points against AlJazira

AlBataeh won the most expensive three points after defeating AlJazira 3/2, during the exciting match that brought together the two teams at Khalid bin Mohammed Stadium in Sharjah for the 17th round of the ADNOC Pro League, to raise AlBataeh’s score to 22 points, raising it to seventh place in the standings.

Zayed Al Ameri opened the scoring for Al Jazira early in the 8th minute, and AlBataeh entered the atmosphere of the match after the goal and extended his advantage over the course of the half, and Cameroonian Petrus Boumal equalized the score for Al Bataeh in the 27th minute to end the first half with a 1-1 draw.

AlBataeh advanced early in the second half through Mohamed Juma Pele after a mistake from Al Jazira defender Abdullah Idris in the 49th minute.

Al Jazira returned in the result again with the equalizer scored by Zayed Sultan Al Zaabi in the 82nd minute.

Substitute Alvaro de Oliveira snatched the winning goal for AlBataeh and scored the third goal against his former team in fatal time in the 90+2 minute.

For his part, Croatian Goran Tomic, coach of AlBataeh, expressed his pride in his team after the precious victory achieved on Aljazira, admitting that the guests controlled the first ten minutes and scored a goal, but his team was able to return to the atmosphere of the match quickly and controlled the course of play and were able to score the equalizer.

He added during the appraisal press conference after the match:

The players carried out my instructions and showed the spirit of one team, against one of the strong teams in the league, and so is football gives you the opportunity to compensate and just as we lost the match Shabab AlAhli in the last minute, here we are now winning the match AlJazira in the last minute


The press conference for the match between Al-Bataeh and Al-Jazira

Croatian coach Goran Tomic revealed that the team is living in good technical condition, stressing at the same time that they know the difficulty of the match against Al Jazira team, and added in his remarks during the introductory press conference for the match:

The team is in good shape and we prepared for this game knowing it won’t be easy, but morale is high and our goal is to keep the three points.

He continued:

We’re in a very tough game against Al Jazira and we’ve taken advantage of the break in the last two weeks to focus on some tactical things.

He continued:

We are going to this game with a positive focus, we respect Al Jazira team and we know that they have skilled players.

Goran promised to do their best to win and retain the three points, while admitting the difficulty of the match and saying it would not be like other matches.

He continued:

We will face Al Jazira with great confidence and team spirit, and we took advantage of the break and played a preparatory match from which we came out with positive results.

For his part, playmaker Paulo Enrique said that the match will not be easy, but the morale is high and their goal is to keep the three points.

He added during the introductory press conference:

On a personal level I think the break was positive for me, I was able to recover from the injury as well as positive on a collective and tactical level and the coach had enough time to prepare for this game.


AlBataeh wins three precious points against Ittihad Kalba

AlBataeh won three precious points after defeating Ittihad Kalba 2/1, during the match that took place between the two teams at Kalba Stadium, for the 15th round of the ADNOC Pro League, to raise Al-Bataeh’s score to 19 points and advance towards seventh place.

Kalba advanced with the first goal in the 37th minute, but their joy did not last long, so that Cameroonian striker Anatole Abang could modify the result for AlBataeh in the 45th minute, when he treated the reverse of Mohamed Juma Pele with a header with which all attempts of Ittihad Kalba goalkeeper failed.

In the 63rd minute, the brilliant Anatole was able to add the second goal for Al-Bataeh, with a great individual effort by passing from two defenders, before putting the ball in the goal with ease.

Kalba tried to amend the result, and made more than one chance, but the defense and behind them goalkeeper Darwish Mohammed were on the lookout for them, to end the match with the victory of Anatol’s comrades.

Croatian coach Goran Tomic said in the evaluation press conference after the match:

I am very happy with the performance and result of the team, and a different spirit after the Al-Wahda match, after which we made many decisions, and this is the real spirit of the team, which we did not have against Al-Wahda team, and I think that the result is deserved, and the performance of the players seemed serious from the beginning of the match until the end


The introductory press conference for the match between Al-Bataeh and Kalba

Croatian Goran Tomic revealed the coach of AlBataeh that the loss to AlWahda hit them with great sadness, indicating that everyone was aspiring to win, but unfortunately they could not achieve it.

The coach of Al-Bataeh said during the introductory press conference:

The positive thing is that the date of the next match against Ittihad Kalba is near, and it is a good opportunity to compensate and achieve a good result that will return us to the right path.

He added:

Kalba is a good team, although the statistics and its ranking in the league illustrate something different, but we will analyze the team in all respects and try to give the best of our country and come back with full points.

He continued:

We will try to maintain this unbeaten record against Kalba and even in our matches against other clubs.

For his part, Cameroonian Petros Boumal, midfielder of Al-Bataeh Square, said that their preparations for the next match are very good, revealing that they planned to win against Al-Wahda but failed to achieve it.

Boumal added during the introductory press conference:

Our goal is to get the most points and if we can win it will be good.

The match will not be easy, and it must be prepared in all respects, especially mental, to appear honorably and achieve the expected result.


AlBataeh overdoes his lead and loses to AlWehda

AlBataeh over-advanced, and lost to AlWahda 2/1, during the match that brought them together on Sunday, for the 14th round of the ADNOC Pro League, to freeze its balance in 16 points in ninth place in the standings.

AlBataeh opened the scoring in the first half through Cameroonian Petrus Boumal in the 45th minute.

Al-Wahda equalized in the second half after Ahmed Nourallah scored in the 54th minute

AlWahda succeeded in adding the second goal at the 78th minute, to end the match in his favor.

The match witnessed the first participation of new players AbdulAziz Heikal and Mohamed Juma, who were pushed by coach Goran Tomic in the second half.


Introductory press conference for the match between Al-Bataeh and Al-Wahda

Croatian coach Goran Tomic said that their preparations for the Al Wahda match were very good, due to the strength of the opponent, and in order to come out with a positive result that supports the team’s journey in the ADNOC Professional League competition.

He added during the introductory press conference:

We will do everything we can to achieve a positive result, although there are absences in the squad but the reinforcements we got over the past week with the recruitment of three players will give us a lot of positive energy.

Al-Bataeh coach revealed that the morale of his players is high and our focus is great on the match, and we will fight to get a positive result.

He continued:

‏I know that the team beat Al-Wahda in the first round match, but a lot of things changed after that match, Al-Wahda has a new coach and new players and so does the matter for us, and Al-Wahda will aspire to avenge what happened in the first match.

For his part, Mohammed Ahmed, captain of Al-Bataeh, admitted the difficulty of the match against Al-Wahda, considering that the next confrontation is different from the confrontation that took place at the start of the league.

He added during the introductory press conference:

We aspire to give the best, and we look good in the game, and we have the capabilities that enable us to do that, and the new elements will be a strong motivation for the team, I wish them success.

He continued:

The break can benefit some clubs, while it is negative for other clubs because there are changes and many other things, for us we must accept any decision issued by the Pro League.

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The pre match press conference for between AlBataeh and the Emirates

Goran Tomic, head coach of Al Bataeh’s first football team, expressed his great happiness with the level of the players in training, during the break in the league championship.

Tomic said during the introductory press conference: “The match that always comes after a break is very important, and we always strive to win it, and I hope that this will be achieved against the UAE.”

He continued:

Emirates team has changes in the squad and also a new coach so the match will not be easy, we are ready for the match and also all the players are ready to give everything they have.

He added during the press conference:

The team performed very well in the first round and we will try to be better than the first round, but it will not be that easy to repeat the same level in the second round, but we are going through the training step by step to reach this goal.

Goran continued:

The winter transfer window is still open and we have not reached any fixed option, but we are trying to see our needs in the team and this matter will be determined during the coming period.

He concluded:

The team is ready but we are losing Denny Borges because he received the red card in the match against Hatta and Hamad Al Balushi, who suffered an injury during training.

For his part, Abdullah AlRifai, the center back of Al-Bataeh, said that they prepared themselves well during the break, and revealed that all the players came to the training with open appetite, great desire and unparalleled enthusiasm in order to reach the highest degree of technical and physical readiness.

He continued during the introductory press conference:

The friendlies we’ve played have benefited us a lot, and we’re planning for a good start in the second round and building on the good work we started in the first round.


Absences defeat AlBataeh in front of Alain

Al Bataeh first football team suffered a new loss against Al Ain team amounting to three goals to one, during the match that took place at Khalid bin Mohammed Stadium in Sharjah for the 12th round of ADNOC Pro League, and with this result, Al Bataeh’s balance remains in 16th place in seventh place.

AlBataeh started the match in a good way and caused many problems for AlAin, as the Bathawy defense withstood until the 36th minute when Lapa Kojo managed to open the scoring for AlAin, from a ball that bounced off the list and was followed by Kojo into the net, and AlBataeh did not give up after the goal and led many attacks through Anatole and Sekou Baba, and the latter was able to modify the result for the hosts at the 49th minute from a shot from outside the penalty area and put it on the far corner, to end the first half with a draw.

Al Ain surprised AlBataeh with a quick goal that came at the beginning of the second half, specifically at the first minute, through Omar Atzelli, and Romero added the third goal for Al Ain at the 65th minute, to end the match with this result, and missed the ranks of Al Bataeh duo Denny Borges and Alvaro de Oliveira .

For his part, Romanian coach Mirel Radoi bemoaned the loss of his team to the match, and revealed that he planned to come out with at least a point that supports the team’s journey in the tournament, but unfortunately they lost the match.

AlBataeh coach confirmed that they started the match with high pressure, so as not to give Al Ain the space to play comfortably because they have high-quality players, especially Bandar Al Ahbabi and Eric, who rely on penetration from deep to create opportunities for the attackers, and unfortunately we allowed them to enter the empty space, which enabled them to reach our goal.