AlBataeh loses the win and accepts a draw against Sharjah

AlBataeh lost a victory that was within reach, and drew against Sharjah 3/3, in a crazy match that took place at Khalid bin Mohammed Stadium in Sharjah, for the eighth round of the ADNOC Pro League, to raise AlBataeh’s score to 12 points, in which he sat in fifth place in the competition standings.

The goals of Al-Bataeh were scored by Sekou Baba in the 19th minute, Abdullah AlNaqbi in the 25th minute, and Alfaro in the 39th minute, while the goals of Sharjah were scored by Mohammed Abdul Basit in the 39th minute, Luan Pereira in the 48th minute and Caio Lucas from a penalty kick in the 51st minute.

The start of the match came strong from both sides, after Sharjah took the initiative to threaten the AlBataeh goal through a Camara shot and Moussa Marega’s ball, which was saved by goalkeeper Ibrahim Issa, to respond to the hosts strongly by shaking the net early through Sekou Baba, who scored a wonderful goal after receiving a through ball from Alfaro translated into a goal in the goal of goalkeeper Adel Al Hosani.

Al Bataeh confirmed once again his determination to visit the Sharjah net within 10 minutes through Abdullah Al Naqbi after a series of magical passes inside the net.
The Sharjah team suffered after conceding two goals due to the lack of focus from its players, so Al-Bataeh took advantage of the opportunity and surprised its guests by scoring the third goal through the brilliant Alvaro de Olivera.

Sharjah regained relative balance after its success in scoring the first goal through a shot by player Mohammed Abdul Basit from outside the area, to reduce Luan Pereira the difference by scoring the second goal from a header before the whistle at the end of the first half.

With the beginning of the second half, the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of Sharjah after returning to VAR due to a touch for the guests to equalize after Caio Lucas succeeded in scoring the third goal from the penalty mark and the match ends on this result.

AlBataeh coach Miril Radoi said during the evaluation press conference after the match, that things were going well at the beginning of the confrontation, and as they planned it exactly, and expressed his happiness with the level of the team throughout the match, and said that they thought that the match ended after scoring the third goal, but what he said happened in the press conference before the match that if Sharjah players got a small opportunity, they would score a goal.

Radoi considered that he lost two important points to Sharjah because his team was ahead by three goals before the opponent succeeded in returning, and said that they could have scored more goals but did not take advantage of the opportunities that were presented in front of the Sharjah goal.

For his part, Cosmin spoke in an angry tone, and Cosmin said: It was a crazy match and we actually started the match in the 30th minute and we were three goals behind and then the players proved a strong reaction and returned and reduced the difference to one goal and we equalized the result at the beginning of the second half and we got several opportunities that we did not score from and AlBataeh also had several opportunities from which he did not score, and AlBataeh is a very good team and will cause trouble for all teams and will make it difficult for many teams in the league, and for It was a tough match for me because for the first time I was facing my pupil or one of my children (Radoi, coach of AlBataeh).

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Radoi speaks realistically .. And Paulino promises to shine

Brazilian Paulo Henrique said that they are having a very difficult and complicated match against a strong team but they can get a good result because they have been working on it all week.

Romanian coach Mirel Radoi spoke realistically about his team’s upcoming match against Sharjah on Thursday, for the 8th round of ADNOC Pro League.

We will play our toughest match in the league against Sharjah and difficult for me personally because Cosmin is the coach of Sharjah because of which I am a coach now and it is not easy to play against him and he knows everything about me and the way I think.

He added:

There are big differences between the two teams and Sharjah is always working to win all the trophies but it will be more stressed than us.

He revealed:

We want to end the current season better than the previous season, and he said that the Sharjah goal conceded 11 goals, 8 of which were from individual errors, and there are 3 goals due to them, although they are the best team in the defensive organization.

“We trained well in all aspects of individual, group, physical and tactical aspects and I hope that we will be like this in every game,” he said.

He continued: If we are not focused in the match, it can happen to us what happened to Bani Yas, who lost with a big result to Sharjah, and although Bani Yas plays well, but this is not enough to win against Sharjah and we do not want to think in this way .

Radoi revealed that if they want to fight with the big clubs, they have to play amazingly, they need luck as well, and it is not enough for you to play well.

He stressed the need to focus 95 minutes because Sharjah can score at any moment, especially since they play the Asian championship at a high level and have two teams ready to participate.

Radoi said that he deals realistically and uses that with players, and in Romania they have a proverb that says (a lie has short legs), and revealed that he always tells the truth and does not know lies, and tells the players if anyone sees that he is wrong should talk to him, revealing that he can accept or not accept, but when you return home and think about everything he did and make sure that he made a mistake, he stands in front of everyone and informs them of that .

“I came to the UAE to play and introduce myself to people here and I faced some difficulties such as getting a red card in the Al Jazira match and I was very affected because I am not used to coming out with a red card.

Paulino revealed that Al-Bataeh has a goal to achieve, and said that they want to continue in the same way in all games to achieve victories.

He added: “The UAE league is very high and even my team has good players with high quality in everything.


Radoi: The high concentration led us to victory over AlNasr.

Miril Radoi, the coach of AlBataeh, said that he knew the difficulty of the match against AlNasr, revealing that they met a high quality team, indicating that the reason for the victory was due to the great concentration with which his squad played throughout the match, and he stressed that the correct start of the match was It played a major role in this victory, and Radoi thanked the players for their skill in executing the tactical section that they had been training on throughout the past period.

Radoi revealed that they were able to impose their style and put pressure on AlNasr players in their area and not give them the opportunity to build attacks from behind. He confirmed that the players succeeded in that and were even able to score the first goal and follow it with the second.

Radoi continued during the press conference after the match: Gaining 11 points in the first seven rounds is good and special for us, and frankly, I did not expect that, and my expectation and ambition was to score 10 points from ten rounds, and we are now among the top six, and we have 11 from 7 matches, and this is a good thing in comparison. Last season, the team scored 21 points from 26 matches.

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AlBataeh returns to the path of victories in front of AlNasr

AlBataeh returned to victories and achieved a dear victory over AlNasr 2/0, during the competition between the two teams at Al Maktoum Stadium, the seventh round of the ADNOC Pro League, and AlBataeh’s goals were scored by SekouBaba in the 39th minute and Paulo Henrique in the 50th minute, raising AlBataeh’s score to 11 points, while AlNasr stood on 7 pts.

The two teams were extremely cautious and took advantage of all available opportunities, waiting for the home team to attempt a free kick on the outskirts of the penalty area, executed by Manolo Gabbiadini, and it rebounded from the wall in the 12th minute.

Mali’s Sekou Baba put AlBataeh in the lead with the first goal in the 39th minute, when Alvaro conceded and dribbled past the defense and the goalkeeper before sending the ball into the net.

Brazilian Paulo Henrique added the second goal in the 50th minute, with a magic touch, as he took advantage of the brilliance of Sekou Baba skills before dribbling the ball into the net with ease.

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Radoi: AlNasr is a special team that we will play against carefully

Romanian coach Mirel Radoi said during the press conference for the Al Nasr match in the seventh round of the ADNOC Pro League, that they are playing against a strong team that aspires to occupy an advanced position in the championship table, and proved this by obtaining seven points in the last three rounds, which confirms that they are in good form.

He added: “Al Nasr played a great match against Shabab Al Ahli, scored three goals in the match and is a team that has great strength in offensive cases, as well as scored three goals in the Hatta match, and is the only team that beat Al Ain in the league.”

He continued: “Al-Nasr has strong players, especially at the level of individual skill, characterized by great experience, which are well-known names that can tip the balance of any team they play for and contribute to the outcome of the match.”

Radoi continued: “We must be careful in front of them, we must play in front of them with great pressure, especially in our region, and I tried to find the most appropriate way to rely on the reins of victory so as not to waste my time without reaching the appropriate tactics for the match, and the thing I hope is that the players have a big role in the match.”

AlBataeh coach said that he does not want to talk about the referees, but showed his concern after the last Al-Nasr match that he played at Shabab Al-Ahli Stadium, but he returned and stressed the technical excellence of Al-Nasr team, despite stumbling in the first matches, before making a major shift in the level and results, and stressed the eligibility of Al-Nasr with the points it obtained in the last three matches, praising Al-Nasr coach Goran and said that he It works in a very good way, and the tactics that depend on it, and I consider that Al Nasr should be among the top five clubs in the UAE league.

Radoi refused to reveal the squad in which he will play the victory match, and considered that the players who will play and the tactical method that he will adopt is a secret that he does not like to reveal before the match, and said that they will have two training sessions after which he will determine the squad that will play the match.

Radoi said that a lot has changed in the two teams, and stressed that this season is different from the previous season, and added: Currently Al-Bataeh occupies an advanced position in the table as well as Al-Nasr, we lost points and they are, and the two teams with different players and coaches are different from the previous season, but we will be careful of them because they have a very special squad, but they will play under great pressure.

For his part, Brazilian striker Alvaro de Oliveira described Al-Bataeh Al-Nasr match as a task, and said that they know the strength of the rival, and stressed that he is one of the technically distinguished clubs in the UAE, so they will work for him a thousand accounts.

Alfaro promised to do his best for the team in this match until they achieve the desired result, revealing that they went through a week of intensive work during training in order to enter the victory match in the best way.

The Al-Bataeh striker confirmed their readiness for the Al-Nasr match and said that they prepared themselves well for it and hoped that the team would be on its day and enjoy a little success so that they come out of the stadium happy.


AlBataeh draw against Ajman

AlBataeh drew with Ajman 1/1, during the match that brought together the two teams, at Khalid bin Mohammed Stadium in Sharjah, for the sixth round of the ADNOC Pro League, to raise AlBataeh score of points to eight points, and come in seventh place in the competition standings table, while Ajman’s balance became three points in the penultimate place.

Malian player Sekobaba Gassama scored the first goal in the 29th minute, after making an interval of dribbling for more than one player, before shooting a strong ball with which all attempts to defend and goalkeeper failed.

But the joy of AlBataeh with the goal did not last long, as Walid Azzaro managed to adjust the score for Ajman before the end of the first half due to a mistake from right back Abdullah AlNaqbi, who tried to return the ball to the goalkeeper, but Azzaro snatched it and deposited it in the net.

AlBataeh entered the second half in an offensive manner in order to score the second goal and secure victory, but his attempts lacked the final touch to keep the result as it is and the match ends with a positive draw 1/1.

Radoi: The Ajman match is difficult, and this (..) will affect my relationship with Isela

Romanian coach Mirel Radoi revealed that they will meet Ajman in the next match, describing it as a team that suffers in the league championship, because it has only two points in the training cycle.

During the introductory press conference, Radoi stressed the appearance of Ajman with a different face during its last match against Al Wasl, under the leadership of the new coach Isaila, and said that Ajman provided a good return at the level of the defense line, and added: Ajman excelled in defense and in building play and the team was able to create several chances and this shows the great improvement that has occurred in their level.

He continued: “It will be a difficult match for us if we do not play with concentration for 90 minutes, and Ajman always wins against everyone who loses concentration in front of them, because they have good citizen players, as well as good foreigners, and they can close the spaces and play with great cohesion and rely on counter-attacks.

Radoi called for caution on the offensive side, considering this method will make him recognize the way Ajman will rely on in defending the attack.

Radoi talked about Ajman’s new coach Isaila, and revealed that he knows him well, indicating that he faced him as a player, but did not play in front of him as a coach, and Friday’s match will be the first between them, and Radoi said that he worked with Isaila in the Romanian U-21 team, revealing that he was the sports director of the team while Isaila was the technical director, and described his relationship with him as good on a personal level, stressing that he knows how Isaila thinks and vice versa when it comes to football.

Radoi hoped that AlBataeh would immediately write a new record in the club’s records, revealing that the victory over Ajman, if achieved, would be the first time that the team won two games in a row since reaching the professional league.

The Romanian coach called on the players to show the fighting spirit in the Ajman match, as happened in the Ajman match, and that each player motivates himself to give his best and stressed the need to focus regardless of the strength of the opponent.

For his part, Mohammed Rashid Al Hammadi, winger of AlBataeh, described the Ajman match as important and difficult at the same time, indicating that they are coming from an important victory at the expense of Khorfakkan, and stressed their quest to continue victories and reap more points.

Al Hammadi revealed that Ajman has changed its shape and tactics a lot from the past, and said that the team is playing differently after signing a new technical staff.

He added during the introductory press conference: “We trained well for the match, and we seek to give our best in order to win, and if we are at our real level, we will reach what we want.”

At the end of his remarks, Mohammed Rashid revealed the psychological comfort he lives in Al-Bataeh, and said that despite his newness with the team, he feels like he has been playing in Al-Bataeh for years, and revealed that he did not face any difficulty in quickly harmonizing with his fellow players and the administrative and technical staff, and described everyone as one family.


Radoi’s remarks at the Pre match press conference for the match between AlBataeh and AlWahda

Mirel Radoi, the first football team at Al Bataeh Club coach, said that he did not want his team’s match in the first round of the ADNOC Pro League to be against a strong team such as Al Wahda, stressing at the same time that they have no choice but to face off.

Radoi bet that the match will be strong and difficult, indicating that they are facing a team competing to win the championship title, and they have great ambitions that they want to achieve.

He added: The goals of the two teams are different, we will not play relaxed, and we will not allow them to control the course of the game, and continued: They have a good coach I saw when he was coach of Al-Ahli in Saudi Arabia and I admire the way he plays.

Radoi stressed the need to play carefully in front of the way the opponent plays, and we may not give all our strength in the first game and this is very normal, and we must be smart and know when to cover spaces and when to recover our energy not only because of the strength of the opponent but also because of the weather.

It’s better for us to get a point or the three points, and not every coach may succeed in achieving the points they want in every game, but playing the first game of the league against a strong team like Al Wahda gives the players great confidence.

AlBataeh coach admitted that a draw against AlWahda is very difficult, especially since the match is held at home and among their fans, but we are ready to play under pressure, and we come out of the match with a result that satisfies our ambitions, and added: Our goal this season is to appear better than the previous season, and we will play very seriously and will not joke in any match we play, and we will play the next match better than the previous one, regardless of the opponent


A historic victory for Al-Bataeh over Al-Wahda

Al-Bataeh achieved a historic victory over Al-Wehda team at home and in the midst of its fans, 2-1, during the match that took place between them in the first round of the ADNOC Professional League for the 2023-2024 season.

This is Al-Bataeh’s first victory over Al-Wahda since the team’s promotion to the Professional League last season, causing a resounding surprise at the start of the tournament.

Al-Bataeh opened the scoring through Cameroonian Antol in the 5th minute, who had a cross pass from Abdullah Al-Naqbi left behind the defenders, to treat it properly inside Al-Wahda’s goal.

The unit was able to adjust the result through a penalty kick that Pedro tackled and scored from it at the minute (19).

Performance decreased somewhat, and play was confined to the middle of the field, with a lack of real opportunities in front of the goal.

In the second half, Al-Bataeh played in a balanced manner between attack and defense, as Al-Bataeh coach Radwi defended intelligently, and relied on a method of pressuring the opponent in his court and not allowing them to advance forward.

And Al-Bataeh succeeded in scoring the winning goal from a counterattack by Olivera, in which he hit Al-Wahda defense after making Paulo Henrique in the 85th minute.

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Introductory press conference for the match (Al-Bataeh x Al-Ain)

Romanian coach Mirel Radoi said that his team will not be an easy catch in Al Ain match, stressing that the opponent must make a tremendous effort if he wants to win.

He added during the introductory press conference for the Al Ain match in the first round of the ADIB Cup: We will face the team that played the final last season in this tournament, and it will be a difficult match for us but it will not be easy for Al Ain team either

” There is a difference between the two teams, in terms of the name of the team and the level of the players, I know that because I played in Al Ain Club for three seasons, I know the mentality in Al Ain team and I know how everyone thinks there from the youngest worker to the chairman of the club, everyone wants to win all the matches.”

Radoi called on his players to play with concentration, and not to give gifts to the opponent and added: We do not want to give any gifts to the opponent and they have to do their best if they want to win the match, and it will be difficult for any opponent to win us easily.

He also said: Al Ain is a big team and big clubs aspire to win all the championships, and we will treat the match as if it were a league match because we always accuse in the next match.

AlBataeh coach acknowledged the difficulty of the atmosphere in which the matches are held these days, and stressed that it is very difficult to play difficult matches every 48 hours in this weather and at the same physical and technical level.

He revealed that he will make adjustments to his starting lineup, and expected Al Ain to enter the match with a combination that differs from that which participates in the league matches.

For his part, Ali Al Dhanhani, revealed that their preparations for the match are normal like any other match, stressing their great respect for Al Ain team. He said during the introductory press conference: ” We have to focus a lot in this match and perform at the expected level in order to achieve a positive result. He continued: ” I hope that God will help us in the first leg and achieve a result that will help us in the second leg and qualify for the second round.”

For his part, Al-Bataeh player Ali Al-Dhanhani revealed that their preparations for the match are normal, like any other match, stressing their great respect for Al-Ain team.

He said during the introductory press conference: We have to focus a lot on this match and present the expected level in order to achieve a positive result.

He continued, saying: I hope that God will help us in the first leg and achieve a result that will help us in the second leg and qualify for the second round.