The press conference for the match between Al-Bataeh and Al-Jazira

Croatian coach Goran Tomic revealed that the team is living in good technical condition, stressing at the same time that they know the difficulty of the match against Al Jazira team, and added in his remarks during the introductory press conference for the match:

The team is in good shape and we prepared for this game knowing it won’t be easy, but morale is high and our goal is to keep the three points.

He continued:

We’re in a very tough game against Al Jazira and we’ve taken advantage of the break in the last two weeks to focus on some tactical things.

He continued:

We are going to this game with a positive focus, we respect Al Jazira team and we know that they have skilled players.

Goran promised to do their best to win and retain the three points, while admitting the difficulty of the match and saying it would not be like other matches.

He continued:

We will face Al Jazira with great confidence and team spirit, and we took advantage of the break and played a preparatory match from which we came out with positive results.

For his part, playmaker Paulo Enrique said that the match will not be easy, but the morale is high and their goal is to keep the three points.

He added during the introductory press conference:

On a personal level I think the break was positive for me, I was able to recover from the injury as well as positive on a collective and tactical level and the coach had enough time to prepare for this game.

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