The introductory press conference for the match between Al-Bataeh and Kalba

Croatian Goran Tomic revealed the coach of AlBataeh that the loss to AlWahda hit them with great sadness, indicating that everyone was aspiring to win, but unfortunately they could not achieve it.

The coach of Al-Bataeh said during the introductory press conference:

The positive thing is that the date of the next match against Ittihad Kalba is near, and it is a good opportunity to compensate and achieve a good result that will return us to the right path.

He added:

Kalba is a good team, although the statistics and its ranking in the league illustrate something different, but we will analyze the team in all respects and try to give the best of our country and come back with full points.

He continued:

We will try to maintain this unbeaten record against Kalba and even in our matches against other clubs.

For his part, Cameroonian Petros Boumal, midfielder of Al-Bataeh Square, said that their preparations for the next match are very good, revealing that they planned to win against Al-Wahda but failed to achieve it.

Boumal added during the introductory press conference:

Our goal is to get the most points and if we can win it will be good.

The match will not be easy, and it must be prepared in all respects, especially mental, to appear honorably and achieve the expected result.


AlBataeh overdoes his lead and loses to AlWehda

AlBataeh over-advanced, and lost to AlWahda 2/1, during the match that brought them together on Sunday, for the 14th round of the ADNOC Pro League, to freeze its balance in 16 points in ninth place in the standings.

AlBataeh opened the scoring in the first half through Cameroonian Petrus Boumal in the 45th minute.

Al-Wahda equalized in the second half after Ahmed Nourallah scored in the 54th minute

AlWahda succeeded in adding the second goal at the 78th minute, to end the match in his favor.

The match witnessed the first participation of new players AbdulAziz Heikal and Mohamed Juma, who were pushed by coach Goran Tomic in the second half.


Introductory press conference for the match between Al-Bataeh and Al-Wahda

Croatian coach Goran Tomic said that their preparations for the Al Wahda match were very good, due to the strength of the opponent, and in order to come out with a positive result that supports the team’s journey in the ADNOC Professional League competition.

He added during the introductory press conference:

We will do everything we can to achieve a positive result, although there are absences in the squad but the reinforcements we got over the past week with the recruitment of three players will give us a lot of positive energy.

Al-Bataeh coach revealed that the morale of his players is high and our focus is great on the match, and we will fight to get a positive result.

He continued:

‏I know that the team beat Al-Wahda in the first round match, but a lot of things changed after that match, Al-Wahda has a new coach and new players and so does the matter for us, and Al-Wahda will aspire to avenge what happened in the first match.

For his part, Mohammed Ahmed, captain of Al-Bataeh, admitted the difficulty of the match against Al-Wahda, considering that the next confrontation is different from the confrontation that took place at the start of the league.

He added during the introductory press conference:

We aspire to give the best, and we look good in the game, and we have the capabilities that enable us to do that, and the new elements will be a strong motivation for the team, I wish them success.

He continued:

The break can benefit some clubs, while it is negative for other clubs because there are changes and many other things, for us we must accept any decision issued by the Pro League.

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The pre match press conference for between AlBataeh and the Emirates

Goran Tomic, head coach of Al Bataeh’s first football team, expressed his great happiness with the level of the players in training, during the break in the league championship.

Tomic said during the introductory press conference: “The match that always comes after a break is very important, and we always strive to win it, and I hope that this will be achieved against the UAE.”

He continued:

Emirates team has changes in the squad and also a new coach so the match will not be easy, we are ready for the match and also all the players are ready to give everything they have.

He added during the press conference:

The team performed very well in the first round and we will try to be better than the first round, but it will not be that easy to repeat the same level in the second round, but we are going through the training step by step to reach this goal.

Goran continued:

The winter transfer window is still open and we have not reached any fixed option, but we are trying to see our needs in the team and this matter will be determined during the coming period.

He concluded:

The team is ready but we are losing Denny Borges because he received the red card in the match against Hatta and Hamad Al Balushi, who suffered an injury during training.

For his part, Abdullah AlRifai, the center back of Al-Bataeh, said that they prepared themselves well during the break, and revealed that all the players came to the training with open appetite, great desire and unparalleled enthusiasm in order to reach the highest degree of technical and physical readiness.

He continued during the introductory press conference:

The friendlies we’ve played have benefited us a lot, and we’re planning for a good start in the second round and building on the good work we started in the first round.