Al-Bataeh camped in Serbia and played 6 friendly matches

Al-Bataeh Club approved the establishment of an external camp in preparation for the next season of the first division, in Serbia next month, during which it will play six friendly matches. The team coach, Tunisian Tariq Al-Hadiri, told «Emirates Today»: We are looking forward to playing six friendly matches in the external camp with the teams that are also preparing in Serbia, in addition to another friendly match that the team will play before traveling, and it will be held on the fifth of next month with one of the local teams. .

He continued: We have good players, and we will deal with their potential, which contributes to building a team that is physically, mentally and tactically ready, plays a beautiful and strong ball, based on strength and tactical discipline, and the desire to obtain the largest number of points, which contributes to being in the lead. Next season will be the third season for the club in the First Division, as it finished the past two seasons in third place in the overall standings.

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