Radoi speaks realistically .. And Paulino promises to shine

Brazilian Paulo Henrique said that they are having a very difficult and complicated match against a strong team but they can get a good result because they have been working on it all week.

Romanian coach Mirel Radoi spoke realistically about his team’s upcoming match against Sharjah on Thursday, for the 8th round of ADNOC Pro League.

We will play our toughest match in the league against Sharjah and difficult for me personally because Cosmin is the coach of Sharjah because of which I am a coach now and it is not easy to play against him and he knows everything about me and the way I think.

He added:

There are big differences between the two teams and Sharjah is always working to win all the trophies but it will be more stressed than us.

He revealed:

We want to end the current season better than the previous season, and he said that the Sharjah goal conceded 11 goals, 8 of which were from individual errors, and there are 3 goals due to them, although they are the best team in the defensive organization.

“We trained well in all aspects of individual, group, physical and tactical aspects and I hope that we will be like this in every game,” he said.

He continued: If we are not focused in the match, it can happen to us what happened to Bani Yas, who lost with a big result to Sharjah, and although Bani Yas plays well, but this is not enough to win against Sharjah and we do not want to think in this way .

Radoi revealed that if they want to fight with the big clubs, they have to play amazingly, they need luck as well, and it is not enough for you to play well.

He stressed the need to focus 95 minutes because Sharjah can score at any moment, especially since they play the Asian championship at a high level and have two teams ready to participate.

Radoi said that he deals realistically and uses that with players, and in Romania they have a proverb that says (a lie has short legs), and revealed that he always tells the truth and does not know lies, and tells the players if anyone sees that he is wrong should talk to him, revealing that he can accept or not accept, but when you return home and think about everything he did and make sure that he made a mistake, he stands in front of everyone and informs them of that .

“I came to the UAE to play and introduce myself to people here and I faced some difficulties such as getting a red card in the Al Jazira match and I was very affected because I am not used to coming out with a red card.

Paulino revealed that Al-Bataeh has a goal to achieve, and said that they want to continue in the same way in all games to achieve victories.

He added: “The UAE league is very high and even my team has good players with high quality in everything.

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