AlBataeh loses the win and accepts a draw against Sharjah

AlBataeh lost a victory that was within reach, and drew against Sharjah 3/3, in a crazy match that took place at Khalid bin Mohammed Stadium in Sharjah, for the eighth round of the ADNOC Pro League, to raise AlBataeh’s score to 12 points, in which he sat in fifth place in the competition standings.

The goals of Al-Bataeh were scored by Sekou Baba in the 19th minute, Abdullah AlNaqbi in the 25th minute, and Alfaro in the 39th minute, while the goals of Sharjah were scored by Mohammed Abdul Basit in the 39th minute, Luan Pereira in the 48th minute and Caio Lucas from a penalty kick in the 51st minute.

The start of the match came strong from both sides, after Sharjah took the initiative to threaten the AlBataeh goal through a Camara shot and Moussa Marega’s ball, which was saved by goalkeeper Ibrahim Issa, to respond to the hosts strongly by shaking the net early through Sekou Baba, who scored a wonderful goal after receiving a through ball from Alfaro translated into a goal in the goal of goalkeeper Adel Al Hosani.

Al Bataeh confirmed once again his determination to visit the Sharjah net within 10 minutes through Abdullah Al Naqbi after a series of magical passes inside the net.
The Sharjah team suffered after conceding two goals due to the lack of focus from its players, so Al-Bataeh took advantage of the opportunity and surprised its guests by scoring the third goal through the brilliant Alvaro de Olivera.

Sharjah regained relative balance after its success in scoring the first goal through a shot by player Mohammed Abdul Basit from outside the area, to reduce Luan Pereira the difference by scoring the second goal from a header before the whistle at the end of the first half.

With the beginning of the second half, the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of Sharjah after returning to VAR due to a touch for the guests to equalize after Caio Lucas succeeded in scoring the third goal from the penalty mark and the match ends on this result.

AlBataeh coach Miril Radoi said during the evaluation press conference after the match, that things were going well at the beginning of the confrontation, and as they planned it exactly, and expressed his happiness with the level of the team throughout the match, and said that they thought that the match ended after scoring the third goal, but what he said happened in the press conference before the match that if Sharjah players got a small opportunity, they would score a goal.

Radoi considered that he lost two important points to Sharjah because his team was ahead by three goals before the opponent succeeded in returning, and said that they could have scored more goals but did not take advantage of the opportunities that were presented in front of the Sharjah goal.

For his part, Cosmin spoke in an angry tone, and Cosmin said: It was a crazy match and we actually started the match in the 30th minute and we were three goals behind and then the players proved a strong reaction and returned and reduced the difference to one goal and we equalized the result at the beginning of the second half and we got several opportunities that we did not score from and AlBataeh also had several opportunities from which he did not score, and AlBataeh is a very good team and will cause trouble for all teams and will make it difficult for many teams in the league, and for It was a tough match for me because for the first time I was facing my pupil or one of my children (Radoi, coach of AlBataeh).

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