Radoi: The high concentration led us to victory over AlNasr.

Miril Radoi, the coach of AlBataeh, said that he knew the difficulty of the match against AlNasr, revealing that they met a high quality team, indicating that the reason for the victory was due to the great concentration with which his squad played throughout the match, and he stressed that the correct start of the match was It played a major role in this victory, and Radoi thanked the players for their skill in executing the tactical section that they had been training on throughout the past period.

Radoi revealed that they were able to impose their style and put pressure on AlNasr players in their area and not give them the opportunity to build attacks from behind. He confirmed that the players succeeded in that and were even able to score the first goal and follow it with the second.

Radoi continued during the press conference after the match: Gaining 11 points in the first seven rounds is good and special for us, and frankly, I did not expect that, and my expectation and ambition was to score 10 points from ten rounds, and we are now among the top six, and we have 11 from 7 matches, and this is a good thing in comparison. Last season, the team scored 21 points from 26 matches.

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