Al-Bataeh returns to the path of victories and defeats Bani Yas 2/1

Al-Bataeh returned to the path of victories and achieved a precious victory at the expense of Bani Yas with a score of 2/1, during the match that brought them together at Khalid bin Mohammed Stadium in Sharjah, for the tenth round of the ADNOC Professional League, to add Al-Bataeh three new points to his score and become 15 points in sixth place, and scored the goals of Al-Bataeh Mohammed Rashid at the 3rd minute and Alvaro de Oliveira in the 44th minute from a penalty kick, while Bani Yas Gaston Suarez scored in the 8th minute.

The match was strong and exciting from both sides, especially Al-Bataeh, who surrounded Bani Yas from the beginning of the match in order to score an early goal and had what he wanted, as his winger Mohammed Rashid took care of the task, writing down the first goal at the 3rd minute, taking advantage of Sekou Baba’s perfect pass, and despite his progress in the result, Al-Bataeh refused to retreat and searched for more goals to secure the result, but he was surprised by a goal for the guest team that came from a direct free kick at the 8th minute, The match returned to square one, but the Brazilian Alvaro de Oliveira tipped the balance of Al-Bataeh again by scoring the second goal through a penalty kick in the 44th minute, to end the first half with the progress of Al-Bataeh.

Bani Yas tried to equalize before it was too late, but failed in his endeavor because of the absolute control of Al-Bataeh on the course of play and possession of the ball for long periods, due to the great focus with which the players played Al-Bataeh, and the squad witnessed the return of the right-back on Al-Dhanhani to participate after a long absence and the player gave a good return that won him praise from everyone.

The second half did not witness a new despite the opportunities that loomed in front of the goal to end the match with the victory of Al-Bataeh.

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