Radoi sets goals against Hatta and Sekou Baba warns against complacency

Romanian coach Mirel Radoi confirmed that his team’s match against Hatta will be difficult, and said that anyone who thinks that this confrontation will be easy and within reach will be mistaken.

He added during the introductory press conference:

Hatta is not a bad team, regardless of their position in the standings, they offer great levels, and they have a lot of technical advantages, most notably the speed of switching from defense to attack after extracting the ball, as well as they are good at playing on spaces, and they master it.

He added: They have 4 points after winning against the UAE and drawing against Ajman, and I think that the draw against Ajman, which swept Al Jazira with five points, it suggests a strong message, and makes us focus more than the Bani Yas match.

He continued: “In this type of match, we must be present 100%, or 99%, at least, and we must work not to concede goals with our own goal, and we must be passionate when possessing the ball, as did the Sharjah team prevented them in the last match, and must be behind opportunities in front of their goal sooner or later.

Radoi revealed that Hatta is one of the clubs that can create chances, and in front of all the clubs they played in front of them, they managed to create at least two chances regardless of the result.

The Romanian coach stressed that his goal in this match is not to concede goals and return to the club’s headquarters with the full three points, and demanded focus, considering that this type of match requires focus more than the physical aspects.

At the end of his speech, Radoi revealed that he respects the Hatta team, but at the same time stressed not to give up on achieving victory and returning with the three points, explaining that all players are in full technical and physical readiness to achieve the team’s goals.

For his part, Sekou Baba, the offensive winger of the Bataeh, warned his fellow players against complacency against Hatta, and said he is confident that they will play with all their strength in order to achieve victory and get the three points.

Sekou described Hatta as a good team and said that their position in the table does not reflect the levels that the team offers in the matches, which will make them play all in all without slackness.

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