Radoi warns of Baniyas and AlNaqbi pledges to return to the right path

Romanian coach Mirel Radoi warned AlBataeh of the Baniyas team, against which he plays the next match for the tenth round of the ADNOC Pro League, and described it as a strong and distinguished team. He added during the pre match press conference:

It will be a difficult match, and we are playing against a team that lost the previous match, like us, with the same score, 4/1, but I of course hope for my team to win this match, so that we can return to the right path after the recent loss to AlWasl, and occupy a good position in the ranking table.

He added: We are similar to the Baniyas team in many tactical matters. Both teams play with balance in attack and defence, as well as the quality of the players, and the number of goals we scored and which we scored were similar to them, so I expect it to be an exciting and strong match.

Radoi called on his players to focus on the opponent, to avoid problems, so that what happened to the team in the Sharjah and Al Wasl matches, when they conceded seven goals, would not be repeated.

Radoi described Baniyas as a good team and said that the match against them will not be easy, revealing that they are distinguished by good continuity in the formation and enjoy technical stability. He said that they rely on the style of the full-back entering deep into the field to create a numerical increase, and they try to change the positions of the players to surprise the opponent, and he said that they know how to They position themselves and close spaces, in addition to their excellence in offensive aspects.

For his part, Abdullah AlNaqbi, the right-back of AlBataeh, pledged to appear differently in the Baniyas match, and to erase the shaky image in which the team appeared in the last AlWasl match.

AlNaqbi said during the pre match press conference:

Our preparations for the match are going very well, and we aspire to win the match and obtain full points. We have pledged ourselves to fight in order to compensate for our recent loss to AlWasl. What happened in the AlWasl and Sharjah matches will not be repeated and we will not accept it again, after we reviewed our accounts and pledged to open a new page and achieve… Required during the upcoming matches.

AlNaqbi confirmed that they pledged as players to present an honorable face to the team, and that what they experienced previously in the Sharjah and AlWasl matches was a harsh lesson that will benefit them in the future.

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