AlBataeh loses to Al Wasl

Al Bataeh lost to Al Wasl 4 – 1, during the match that took place between them at Za’abeel Stadium for the 9th round of the ADNOC Pro League, and with this result, Al Bataeh fell to eighth place.

Al Wasl advanced with the first goal through striker Adama in the 16th minute, but Al Bataeh was able to modify the result through his winger Mohammed Rashid at the 42nd minute to end the first half on this result.

AlBataeh tried to withstand and come out with a positive result, but he was unable in light of the great offensive power of Al Wasl and the great roar of the masses, which contributed a lot to the yellow team’s arrival to the goal of AlBataeh three times through Adama in the 66th minute and Alexis Perez in the 86th and haris in the 88th minutes.

Romanian coach Mirel Radoi expressed his sadness and regret for this loss, and said in the evaluation press conference after the match: We planned to get a positive result, but some mistakes led us to lose, but we lost a battle and did not lose the war, and we are continuing to implement our project and we will fight for its achievement and success.

Radoi announced the closure of the page of the Al Wasl match and full time for the next match against Baniyas in the tenth round of the competition.

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