Presentation press conference (Al-Bataeh x Khor Fakkan)

Moroccan Saeed Chakhit, coach of the Al-Bataeh team, speaking during the press conference introducing the Khorfakkan match, which will be held on Thursday, corresponding to March 2, 2023, for the 18th round of the ADNOC Professional League.

Shakhit said: Everyone knows that the Khorfakkan match will be strong, and the opponent wants to continue its good results, after defeating Sharjah.

He added, “We played well against Al-Wahda, and we will work to repeat that brilliance in the Khorfakkan match, and to benefit from the mistakes we made previously.”

And he continued his speech, saying: My team is ready for the match, and we will strive to achieve a positive result, which supports the journey of our continuation in the league.

He also said: We deal with matches by piece, and our focus now is on the Khorfakkan match and its result will explain to us a lot of things related to our future in the league, and after that we will think about the Al Dhafra match.

Shakhit continued: We dealt with mistakes during training, so that they would not be repeated in the upcoming matches, and we will appear differently in the Khorfakkan match.

And he continued his speech: The development that the team has now reached was achieved through a collective effort between the company’s board of directors, the technical committee, the technical staff, and all members of the team. Everyone stood with us and supported us, and I thank them all.

He concluded his speech: Al-Anbari is a dear friend before he was a colleague, and I have a distinguished relationship with him, and the confrontation with him will be (Emirati-Moroccan), and God willing, it will be our share, and frankly Al-Anbari presents a great artistic work with Khorfakkan, and I am very happy for him.

For his part, Fahd Sabeel, the player of Al-Bataeh Club, described the Khorfakkan match as a mission, and said that winning it was six points, not three, given that he is a direct competitor to them in the league.

And he added during the presentation conference: I thank Captain Saeed Shakhit for his confidence in me and for bringing him back to me again to play matches, and I will fight to be as confident as the coach, the technical staff, my fellow players and all team members.

He continued, saying: We will play seriously and with full respect for the opponent in order to achieve a positive result.

And he continued his speech, saying: Captain Saeed Shakhit treats us as his brothers and not just players, and deals with us with all credibility and frankness, and all players are equal to him, and he does not differentiate between them, and he is always with the player and not against him.

He concluded by saying: All the players in the team had the opportunity to participate and they were all up to the responsibility.

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