Introductory press conference for the (Sharjah x Al-Bataeh) match

Moroccan Saeed Shakhit, coach of Al-Bataeh team, described the Sharjah match as difficult, and said that it was against a team competing for the league championship.

And Shakhit added during the introductory press conference, saying: Yes, the match is difficult, but the players feel responsible.

He continued: We were not bad in the previous matches, but we were not lucky in many matches.

Saeed Shakhit hoped that luck would stand by his team in the Sharjah match so that they could achieve a positive result.

He stressed that his squad will strive to appear well during the match.

At the end of his speech, he revealed the absence of the duo, Saif Rashid and Abdullah Kazem, due to the loan law.

Issa Ahmed, the left defender of Al-Bataeh team, assured his coach, Saeed Shakhit, about the difficulty of the match against Sharjah, and said that they will play against one of the strongest clubs in the league, which is competing for the title.

He added during the intro press conference: We will try to do our best, in order to achieve a positive result.

And Issa Ahmed considered that the team played well during the previous matches, and promised to continue on this path against Sharjah.

He added: The team’s position in the ranking table is somewhat reassuring, and we seek to resolve survival before the final rounds, and we are psychologically and mentally prepared for any scenario in the match or season.

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