Introductory press conference for the match (Al-Bataeh and Al-Ain)

Al Bataeh team coach, Mirel Radoui, spoke during the introductory press conference for the Al Ain match, in the second leg of the first round of the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Cup competition, saying:

Al Ain gave us a harsh lesson in the first leg, when they beat us by five, but we learned from this lesson and came away with many benefits that will help us in the upcoming matches, as we recognized the mistakes we made and worked to remedy them so that they would not be repeated in the future.

He added:

The result of the first match made Al Ain close to qualifying for the next candidate. Logic says so, but we will not throw away the handkerchief and we will cling to the chance we have, even if it is 1%. We will not give up and we will fight until the last minute.

I do not have any information or details about the Al Ain team before the return match, but I knew that they would lose a number of essential elements, and this does not concern me as much as I care about preparing my team in the required manner to give its best.

Radoy continued:

The pause period was very beneficial for my team, as we were able to regain our physical level, and I also had enough time to adjust some tactical matters in preparation for changing the tactical method in the upcoming matches.

For his part, Al-Bataeh Square midfielder Maliki confirmed his team’s readiness for the Al Ain match, and said during the introductory press conference:

The atmosphere in the team is great. Everyone is ready to play the Al Ain match and strive to achieve a positive result to compensate for the huge loss we suffered in the first leg.

He continued, saying:

We learned a lot from the first match, and we will fight until the last moment in order to achieve what we want, and football always favors those who shed sweat and work hard.

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