Radoi: The Ajman match is difficult, and this (..) will affect my relationship with Isela

Romanian coach Mirel Radoi revealed that they will meet Ajman in the next match, describing it as a team that suffers in the league championship, because it has only two points in the training cycle.

During the introductory press conference, Radoi stressed the appearance of Ajman with a different face during its last match against Al Wasl, under the leadership of the new coach Isaila, and said that Ajman provided a good return at the level of the defense line, and added: Ajman excelled in defense and in building play and the team was able to create several chances and this shows the great improvement that has occurred in their level.

He continued: “It will be a difficult match for us if we do not play with concentration for 90 minutes, and Ajman always wins against everyone who loses concentration in front of them, because they have good citizen players, as well as good foreigners, and they can close the spaces and play with great cohesion and rely on counter-attacks.

Radoi called for caution on the offensive side, considering this method will make him recognize the way Ajman will rely on in defending the attack.

Radoi talked about Ajman’s new coach Isaila, and revealed that he knows him well, indicating that he faced him as a player, but did not play in front of him as a coach, and Friday’s match will be the first between them, and Radoi said that he worked with Isaila in the Romanian U-21 team, revealing that he was the sports director of the team while Isaila was the technical director, and described his relationship with him as good on a personal level, stressing that he knows how Isaila thinks and vice versa when it comes to football.

Radoi hoped that AlBataeh would immediately write a new record in the club’s records, revealing that the victory over Ajman, if achieved, would be the first time that the team won two games in a row since reaching the professional league.

The Romanian coach called on the players to show the fighting spirit in the Ajman match, as happened in the Ajman match, and that each player motivates himself to give his best and stressed the need to focus regardless of the strength of the opponent.

For his part, Mohammed Rashid Al Hammadi, winger of AlBataeh, described the Ajman match as important and difficult at the same time, indicating that they are coming from an important victory at the expense of Khorfakkan, and stressed their quest to continue victories and reap more points.

Al Hammadi revealed that Ajman has changed its shape and tactics a lot from the past, and said that the team is playing differently after signing a new technical staff.

He added during the introductory press conference: “We trained well for the match, and we seek to give our best in order to win, and if we are at our real level, we will reach what we want.”

At the end of his remarks, Mohammed Rashid revealed the psychological comfort he lives in Al-Bataeh, and said that despite his newness with the team, he feels like he has been playing in Al-Bataeh for years, and revealed that he did not face any difficulty in quickly harmonizing with his fellow players and the administrative and technical staff, and described everyone as one family.

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