The pre match press conference for the match between AlBataeh and Emirates

Croatian coach Goran Tomic said that his team will finally play Emirates match after a number of postponements for various reasons , and added during the introductory press conference: Finally, we will play this match against Emirates after many postponements, and our main goal is to get out of this match with full points, knowing that it will not be an easy match because Emirates is also looking for points.

He continued his speech during the press conference, saying: I believe in the capabilities of my team and all the players and the great focus with which they will play the match, in order to achieve a result that makes everyone happy, revealing at the same time that there are no absences in the list that plays the match, stressing that he will not choose the starting lineup before the last training.

He continued: “We will play two matches against Emirates in three days, and these conditions are not easy, but whether the atmosphere or the lack of time between the two games is imposed on the two teams together, not just us, and we will try to achieve our goal of getting the full points.”

For his part, Cameroonian striker Anatole Abang confirmed that they prepared themselves in a good way for the Emirates match, revealing that all players are ready to play it with great enthusiasm, indicating that they will go to the Emirates Stadium with confidence in their ability to return with a positive result.

The player continued during the introductory press conference: “Our main goal is to win in order to reach the largest number of points before the end of the season and we are all excited and desire to achieve this, but I will not promise to score in the match, but I promise you diligence and work to help my team to win.”

At the end of his speech, Anatole said: “I am somewhat satisfied with what I have done during the current season, but I am not satisfied with my scoring tally, and this is not what I aspired to in terms of the number of goals, but in general I am happy with my return with the team during the current season.”

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