The pre match press conference for AlBataeh and Shabab Al-Ahli match

Romanian coach Mirel Radoi admitted his concern about the upcoming match against Shabab Al Ahli, justifying his concern that he is facing one of the strongest clubs in the UAE, in addition to being the defending champion of the father, Wri, adding:

It will not be an easy match, I know that very well, but I hope that we come out of it happy and satisfied with the result, and in order to achieve this, we must reduce the danger of the distinguished players in the ranks of the opponent and play in front of them carefully and not to tamp the spaces for them.

Radoi continued:

We trained well for this game, we know their strengths and how they play and they have weaknesses like other clubs.

Radoi stressed that Shabab Al Ahli is the strongest team currently in the championship accounts so far, indicating that it scored five goals and conceded only one goal.

Al-Bataeh coach continued to flirt with Shabab Al-Ahli, revealing that it is a good team not only at the local level, but also proved its efficiency in the Asian Championship when it played a great match against the Saudi team Al-Nasr on the latter’s land and in front of its fans despite the loss, which he said took place in just two minutes.

For his part, offensive winger SekouBaba Gassama confirmed their readiness as players for the Shabab Al-Ahli match, promising to give everything they have in order to get a satisfactory result.

He continued during the introductory conference :

We know very well that the match will not be easy for us and it is normal because we are playing against the champion team, and both teams have ambitions that they strive to achieve, and we will strive to put our dreams on the ground.

He added:

We will try to play with high concentration in order to get a positive result and we want to continue our outstanding appearance in the current edition of the league as it did in the previous two games.

Sekou Baba admitted that he rarely scores goals but seeks to give his best in order for his team to win, and revealed that he will strive to score goals during the upcoming matches.

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