Saeed Shakhit: We plan to achieve a positive result against Al Wahda

Moroccan Saeed Shakhit, the coach of the first football team at Al-Bataeh Club, said that the match will be strong, explaining that Al-Wehda is competing for the championship while Al-Bataeh is competing to stay in the professional league. Shakhit added during the introductory press conference, saying: My team is ready for the match and we are seeking to return with a positive result, and our goal is to stay in the league. The professionals, whom we are playing for the first time, and he continued, saying: We kept playing great matches and great levels with the testimony of everyone, and Shakhit confirmed that when they play in front of the big clubs they play well and even the loss is logical, and he said that they always strive to achieve a positive result in front of the clubs competing with them if they do not win they draw on At the very least, Saeed Shakhit expressed his satisfaction with the results of all the matches he played with Al-Bataeh, and said that they were close to winning the last match against Bani Yas, but they came out with a point he described as positive, revealing at the same time that they had learned a lesson that matches end with the referee’s whistle only, and he added He said: If we succeed in drawing with Al-Wahda, I will consider it a victory because we are playing against a competitor for the championship, but our competing clubs must beat them or go out together. Indicate the worst case.

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