Saeed Shakhit: The Al Wasl match is difficult and we are striving to achieve our goals

Moroccan Saeed Shakhit, the coach of the first football team at Al-Bataeh Club, said that the Al-Wasl match will not be easy, and it is in front of a large team that wants to compete for the league championship, explaining that Al-Wasl has been presenting great levels during the recent matches, and added: For us in Al-Bataeh, we will fight to achieve Our goals, and I hope that God will help us in this match, and he continued: Al Wasl wants to collect points in order to compete for the championship, and we seek to collect points to achieve our ambitions and goals, and we will do everything we have in order to win the three points, and if this is not achieved, we will fight to achieve one point.

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