Radoi: Mental readiness is our weapon in front of Alain

Romanian coach Mirel Radoi stressed the need for the team to enter the Al Ain match in full mental readiness before physical, considering that any mental wandering or relaxation for one second will cost the team an own goal.

Radoi said during the introductory press conference: “Laba, Rahimi, Palacios, Kaku, all these players I mentioned are able to score at any moment during the match, so before talking about tactics or physical aspects, you should discuss the mental situation of the team, which will be an important weapon for us in front of the eye.

He added:

The match will not be easy for us, considering that we are playing against a big team, and I think that coming out with a point against Al Ain is considered superiority for us, but any result other than winning is considered a loss for Al Ain and means their exit from the race to win the league title.

Radoi expected Al Ain to enter the match with a higher focus than the previous matches, and said that they will play life on his team during the match, stressing the need for his players to fight if they want to avoid relegation early, and said that this is proven in this type of match, and we do our best, and fight as a team and not individually and from this point we will decide what we want to do in front of Al Ain.

For his part, Al Bataeh Meleke Urelich said that they are excited to play the Al Ain match, revealing that the entire team is in full physical and moral readiness, stressing their great respect for Al Ain team, explaining that their main goal is to win and get the three points.

Meleke revealed that they always have the desire to win against the big clubs competing for the title, and added: “We will go to the match to prove to everyone that we can fight for points against any team, especially if it is big, and the draw against Hatta was a disappointment for us as players, and we planned to win the three points, but we came out with one point, but we benefited from that and we will correct our mistakes and show well in the Al Ain match.”

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