Radoi: AlNasr is a special team that we will play against carefully

Romanian coach Mirel Radoi said during the press conference for the Al Nasr match in the seventh round of the ADNOC Pro League, that they are playing against a strong team that aspires to occupy an advanced position in the championship table, and proved this by obtaining seven points in the last three rounds, which confirms that they are in good form.

He added: “Al Nasr played a great match against Shabab Al Ahli, scored three goals in the match and is a team that has great strength in offensive cases, as well as scored three goals in the Hatta match, and is the only team that beat Al Ain in the league.”

He continued: “Al-Nasr has strong players, especially at the level of individual skill, characterized by great experience, which are well-known names that can tip the balance of any team they play for and contribute to the outcome of the match.”

Radoi continued: “We must be careful in front of them, we must play in front of them with great pressure, especially in our region, and I tried to find the most appropriate way to rely on the reins of victory so as not to waste my time without reaching the appropriate tactics for the match, and the thing I hope is that the players have a big role in the match.”

AlBataeh coach said that he does not want to talk about the referees, but showed his concern after the last Al-Nasr match that he played at Shabab Al-Ahli Stadium, but he returned and stressed the technical excellence of Al-Nasr team, despite stumbling in the first matches, before making a major shift in the level and results, and stressed the eligibility of Al-Nasr with the points it obtained in the last three matches, praising Al-Nasr coach Goran and said that he It works in a very good way, and the tactics that depend on it, and I consider that Al Nasr should be among the top five clubs in the UAE league.

Radoi refused to reveal the squad in which he will play the victory match, and considered that the players who will play and the tactical method that he will adopt is a secret that he does not like to reveal before the match, and said that they will have two training sessions after which he will determine the squad that will play the match.

Radoi said that a lot has changed in the two teams, and stressed that this season is different from the previous season, and added: Currently Al-Bataeh occupies an advanced position in the table as well as Al-Nasr, we lost points and they are, and the two teams with different players and coaches are different from the previous season, but we will be careful of them because they have a very special squad, but they will play under great pressure.

For his part, Brazilian striker Alvaro de Oliveira described Al-Bataeh Al-Nasr match as a task, and said that they know the strength of the rival, and stressed that he is one of the technically distinguished clubs in the UAE, so they will work for him a thousand accounts.

Alfaro promised to do his best for the team in this match until they achieve the desired result, revealing that they went through a week of intensive work during training in order to enter the victory match in the best way.

The Al-Bataeh striker confirmed their readiness for the Al-Nasr match and said that they prepared themselves well for it and hoped that the team would be on its day and enjoy a little success so that they come out of the stadium happy.

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