Presentation press conference for Al-Bataeh and Al-Dhafra match

Moroccan Saeed Shakit, coach of Al-Bataeh, described the Al-Dhafra match as normal, and said that dealing with it will be like the rest of the matches.

He revealed during the introductory press conference that he will work to win the three points, and that he is confident in his players’ ability to do so.

He added, “If you want to stay in the professional league, you have to win the matches at home, and we are striving to achieve that.”

Shakhit said that the Ajman match in the President’s Cup was exhausting for the players, stressing at the same time that their goals and ambitions would make them defeat fatigue and circumstances.

Shakhit said that his team does not suffer from injuries and all the players are fine, revealing at the same time the absence of the duo, Khamis Ismail and Haboush Saleh, wishing that they would return quickly to the team to benefit from their services.

He continued, saying: It is very good for us to play our next matches at Khalid bin Mohammed Stadium, because it is the stadium that we have been training on and are accustomed to.

He added: I hope that the Khaled bin Mohammed Stadium will be a good omen for us as we play the first match in it.

Saeed Shakhit thanked the players for the levels they presented during the previous matches and the spirit they showed, even though they were playing matches away from their stadium.

He concluded his speech by saying: Now the situation is different, and the team will play its matches while it is in a very good physical condition because they will not travel long distances to play the matches that are held on their land, and he added: We kept going long distances to play our matches, but now the situation is good because we will play at Khalid bin Mohammed Stadium, which is what It will make us perform well and achieve results that satisfy us.

For his part, Muhammad Al-Shehhi, the midfield player of Al-Bataeh team, agreed with his coach Saeed Shakhit, describing the Al-Dhafra match as normal, like the rest of the other matches.

Al-Shehhi confirmed the team’s readiness to play the Al Dhafra match, revealing that they will work to take advantage of their strengths and the opponent’s weaknesses.

He added, during the presentation press conference: If we win the match, it will be a great motivation for us, and if we do not win, the season will be long for us, and we can compensate in other matches.

He revealed that they corrected the mistakes that appeared in the Ajman match, so that they would not be repeated in the next match against Al Dhafra.

He added, “Each match has its own circumstances, and the tactics of the Ajman match differ from the tactics that we will rely on in front of Al Dhafra.”

Muhammad Al-Shehhi said at the end of his speech that they entered the Ajman match suffering from great fatigue because of the effort they made in the Khorfakkan match, which affected them.

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