Introductory press conference for the (Ajman x Al-Bataeh) match

Moroccan Saeed Shakhit revealed, on Al-Bataeh coach, the goals he seeks to achieve when he faces the Ajman team, “Monday”, in the quarter-finals of the President’s Cup.

He stressed that Ajman is a distinguished and respected team that plays well, and added during the introductory press conference: We strive to provide our best and achieve a positive result. He added: The match will not be easy and I expect it to be strong and fast from both teams, and we will play against an organized team that has proven its presence in the league championship.

Saeed Shakhit promised to fight for a positive result, while expressing his unlimited confidence in his squad that will compete in the match.

At the end of his speech, Shakhit wished that they would be lucky and that the team would have its day and take advantage of every opportunity available in front of the opposing team’s goal.

For his part, Hamdan Nasser, the player of Al-Bataeh team, promised to fight and strive to achieve a good result against the Ajman team, stressing that his fellow players always strive to present their best in every match they play.

He added, during the introductory press conference: This time we will play against a strong team that has good players, so we will make a thousand accounts for them and we will play in front of them with caution in order to achieve the result that satisfies us.

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